Who Am I?

inqiring minds want to know... 

I am just a simple girl from Los Angeles transported for reasons best known to god and my ex-boyfriend to San Francisco. 

 I was born at USC Medical Center in Downtown Los Angeles one fateful Mother's Day. My parents are both artists, my mother a graphic designer/art director, and my father an animation story board artist. They are both originally from the tiny little country of Guatemala in Central America. On my fathers side I  currently have an ex-stepmother, a current step-mother, two half-brothers and three (or four?) step siblings, and a partrige in a pear tree. I  am an only child on my mothers side.

My parents separated when I was very young, and my mom took me to Guatemala, where I spent most of my first two years. Technically Spanish is my first language and I only learned English after my return to the United States, which is kind of funny because I now speak English quite well and can hardly carry a conversation in Spanish. 

I went back and forth living between my parent's houses throughout my childhood, favoring mostly my mothers house.   This moving back and forth resulted in me going to about 10 schools during my K-12 years. Other than being a bit shy, I think I ended up pretty well adjusted, at least most of the time.

College was a very expensive option so I went straight to work after High School.  I learned many skills as I went,  taking some courses here and there, some in business management and other stuff, and eventually I ended  up where I currently am. 

I lived most of my adult life in "Los Angeles", either in Hollywood, Glendale or Pasadena. Sometime in 2003  someone begged me to move up to the Bay Area, so traded in Hollywood for Berkeley. I do miss LA, but it is mostly my family and friends that I miss. After that relationship ended, I still found reasons to stay. And I am very glad I did.

After about a year of neglecting my own place in favor of my boyfriend's apartment, I finally decided or perhaps was convinced, to move in with him. Then last April, for reasons beyond my ken, he asked me to marry him. And since I already wanted to spend the rest of my life with him anyways, I said yes. So now I live with my most excellent Fiancee and our hyper-active but exceedingly cute dog in SOMA. 

I work a lot, and occasionally do some other things, and try to be in bed by 1o, but usually fail miserably.

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